Making your home cozy for the winter

During the winter, it can become a little bothersome to be living in an unheated house. Luckily there are some things you can do about it and make your house nice and toasty during the cold season.

How to keep your home warm during the winter? When temperatures drop outside they also drop inside your house. So depending on where you live, it can get pretty cold in your house during wintertime. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent this from happening and make sure you have a warm home.

All the tips you need:

– Close the curtains when sunlight is not needed during the day to keep the warmth inside

– Block up any cracks in the window frames, glass doors or walls to prevent heat loss.

– Keep your home well ventilated – open windows to let fresh air in regularly during the day

– Get yourself a radiator if you do not have one already or install one. Radiators can be turned up higher than usual when it’s cold outside, this helps with keeping your home warm and you do not even have to adjust it back when it gets warmer outside.

– Get yourself some insulation – especially if the walls in your house are really thick and hard to heat up, this can help a lot. Insulation is also good for soundproofing since not all of us like the noise from our neighbors or thin walls.

– Install a chimney – this can bring in extra heat and make your house even feel warmer.

– Use fire if you have to – heat up some tea or warm water and pour into bottles, put it inside the bedsheets with you while sleeping for an extra warm night. Another tip to use fire is to light up a fire in the fireplace and place a thick blanket around to trap heat around yourself.

– Keep your home clean – dust and dirt attract cold so keep it as clean as you can, maybe even invest in some air purifiers for those who have allergies or asthma problems.

– Get an electric powered water heater – these are much cheaper than the normal ones and they use less electricity so you can keep your home warm but save on your electricity bill.

– Get yourself a sound system and turn your favorite music on, this helps create a warmer atmosphere and can be nice during those long winter nights.

– Keep your heating on even though it’s cold outside and watch TV or read a book with that feeling of an extra warm blanket around you.

– Get yourself a dog – dogs give off lots of heat and they can be kept at home during the winter without any trouble whereas cats might not like the cold season as much. Pets also give off a lot of warmth and can be kept at home with you during the winter.

– Have your heating on throughout it is cold outside – having the heat on creates a warmer atmosphere and gives you that extra cozy feeling. It might even help if you turn up the heating for an hour or two every day to get rid of any dampness so the walls do not rot.

– Get yourself an electric powered blanket if your heaters are not enough to keep you warm at night – this helps especially during those cold winter nights.

– Make sure you have a shower if you are living in an unheated house – hot water showers are great for keeping your body warm even though it’s cold outside.

– Wear thick coats – even though you are indoors, having at least one coat on during the winter helps keep your body warm and prevents chills from attacking your body. Another tip is making sure that this coat has a hoodie since it traps more heat around your head and prevents headaches if worn for long periods of time.

– Get yourself a gas powered oven – it’s much cheaper than the rest and gives off extra heat when in use, making your home even warmer.

– Do not forget to eat and drink plenty of water – even though you might think that you do not feel hungry during wintertime, having at least 2 small snacks throughout the day can help your body keep warm and prevent you from feeling cold.

– Keep your bathroom as hot as possible – taking a nice shower during the winter months does help keep your body warm and prevent chills from attacking your body. This also prevents catching a cold or flu so make sure to take regular showers even though it’s cold outside.

– Get yourself a humidifier – this helps moisturize the air and clean it at the same time, keeping your home warm but not too dry. You can even use vinegar to clean it or just tap water.

– Keep all windows closed – keeping the cold air out helps prevent chills from attacking you and keeps your house warm enough especially if you have pets or kids around.

– Keep yourself warm – make sure you keep a blanket over your bed and a hot water bottle near the bed if it’s freezing cold outside, also wearing your winter coat helps a lot as it traps more heat around your body especially around the head where most headaches originate from.

– Get those pipes fixed if they’re leaking – even one small drop of water can cause a lot of damage so make sure to keep your pipes warm or run hot water through them to prevent freezing.

– Do not forget your pets – they need lots of care during the winter months as well, make sure you provide them with extra food and blankets since they might get cold too. If their paws are wet make sure to dry them before they can get sick and keep an eye on them when they go outside to make sure they do not catch a cold.

– Get yourself a humidifier if your house is very dry – this helps moisturize the air and clean it at the same time, keeping your home warm but not too dry. You can even use vinegar to clean it or just tap water.

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