Tech in the modern days

Tech has been a part of the modern world and the way we live for so long, that we almost don’t even recognize it as something unusual anymore. The advancements in technology seem to be never-ending and they’re changing our lives every day.

It didn’t start out like this though, people were very sceptic about some things when it was introduced.

The first new thing to come out was the television, which lead up to a big discussion in the US congress. Some thought of it as a “new fangled foolishness” while some saw it as an amazing opportunity for marketing and selling products more easily. The president at that time [Herbert Hoover] was against television, because he thought it would damage people’s brain.

The next big thing was the internet, which started out as an experiment by the US military to find a secure way of communication. During the first years after its creation, there were only around 2000 users, but now it has expanded all over the world and is used everywhere. People didn’t start out using the internet very much though. In 1998, less than 5% of people were using the internet at home.

There are many more modern inventions that have become important to life as we know it now, like smartphones, which perhaps are one of the biggest changes since the internet came out. Smartphones have changed how people communicate and how they get information. It has also changed the way people work and how often they’re using their own laptop.

It’s almost impossible to imagine life without the internet anymore, but there are still many things that haven’t been invented yet or aren’t used by everyone. Self-driving cars is one of those things, for example. For many people it’s still something futuristic, but for others it’s already a normal thing.

There are many things that are expected to come out in the future, like glasses with cameras where people can take pictures without using their hands. Many other inventions are expected to be possible by people who develop artificial intelligence, which could make life easier and help us manage all the things we have to do in a day.

Many people think that the future will be even more about technology, which could lead up to robots controlling everything. It might sound scary, but it could also mean that life would become much easier for many people and that less human work is necessary.

When I look at how tech has evolved from the first invention of radios, it’s been a very fast development and I’m sure there will be more inventions in coming years.

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