Under floor heating: the best solution for the next winter

Winter is just around the corner, relatives are coming to visit, the flowers are still in full bloom, but you feel that something has changed. The days are getting shorter , your hair is growing at a very fast tempo and you’ve heard that this will be “the big one”. If you’re reading this article i’m sure that you know about winter already, but do you know what to use for heating your house?

I’ll tell you. Under floor heating. It’s the best solution for underfloorheating and here’s why:

First of all it’s very healthy. Because the warm water circulates through a big system under the floor , this will cause the humidity level to rise and will prevent the air from getting dry. As a result: good for you, your children and your pets.

Secondly , because of all this heat and water it’s also easier to keep bacteria at bay . If we go back in history we can see that tuberculosis was very common during winter time, but people never got sick from it during summer. One of the reasons was that they weren’t in a closed up room all day, but also because they moved a lot more and probably there wasn’t a huge contrast between outside temperature and inside temperature.

Last but not least: safety . Combined with safety doors an under floor heating system is among the safest heating systems that you can find. And a heating system is a must have in your house, if your child or pet falls ill, has an accident of gets hurt for some reason.

It’s very easy to install and it doesn’t cost much either. As long as the floor isn’t made out of concrete without any wooden beams , you can use your underfloor heating. Wooden beams are essential for the heated water to rise because this wood will heat up and spread out the heat even further.

Combined with a radiator , you’ll have an efficient heating system that’s easy to handle, safe and healthy as well!

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